Loaded with bacteria-targeting ingredients and soothing botanicals, the Facial Lotion is a light moisturiser unlike any other and is a crucial part of the program. Perfect for providing teenage skins with additional protection, hydration and bacterial control.

Provides moisturisation while addressing problem-skin concerns

Suitable for:
All skin conditions including:
Problem skin
Normal skin

Key Ingredients:

Canadian Willowherb - Soothing
Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil – Nourishing and protecting
Vegetable Glycerine – Calming and hydrating
BERACARE TRIPLE A Anti-Acne Active System – Soothing, anti-bacterial, sebum controlling
Lemon Tea Tree Oil - extremely potent antibacterial
Sodium PCA – Hydrating


Please note that it is vital to prime all products before use, to allow liquid to flow freely through the metered twist pump dispenser.

To prime, hold product upside down with your finger over the top of the nozzel and pump 2-3 times.

Clear Skin Lotion (Teen Facial Lotion) 50mL