About Karen

My passion for skin and all things beauty started when I was a small child. I loved to make my own skin concoctions out of rose petals, tea leaves, mashed bananas, yoghurt, egg whites and especially put cucumber on my eyes as I had seen in the glossy magazines. When my mum wasn't looking, I would raid her bathroom cabinet and play with her masks and makeup.



As I got a little older and started to develop acne, my potions became more serious with products purchased and made up by the pharmacist or from the recipes I had found in my teenage DOLLY Magazines. I found it to be so frustrating that many of the products didn't work as quickly as I would have liked and soon realised that lifestyle and diet had a lot to do with the changes in my skin.



I became fascinated with how the skin worked, how certain ingredients in skincare helped and wanted to know more and in 1984, I realised my dream and was accepted into Flagstaff College (Now Victoria University) to study 2 years full time, Beauty Therapy. I absolutely loved it, especially the skin healing and cosmetic chemistry side of things.


Fast forward 2022 and I am still in the industry. I have never stopped learning or working in my chosen industry. I love attending workshops to keep up with the latest and hottest ingredients and treatments. My business partner is a medical practitioner who teaches me and supports me on a daily basis.

I have worked and managed many salons in Australia and overseas, seen my industry develop and mature over the years and have now run my own successful skin clinic for 31 years while somehow juggling my other passions - my beautiful family, my cavoodle puppy and my organic edible garden and travel.

I am doing my very best to help support the environment. In my industry, with the pandemic, there has been a huge need for the use of disposables. With this in mind, my gauze, tissues, cottonwool and paper packaging go straight into my compost. 

Product packaging is returned to me and for years I have passed it on to local kindergartens and schools to use in their STEM  and science programs. I unashamedly re-use some boxes & packaging for shipping. I have a rain water tank and use solar electricity. 


Every day I feel so fortunate to be in this position to have the knowledge to educate and help so many people change their skin and improve their appearance through simple techniques, giving them greater confidence in their everyday lives.