Skin Peels

Powerful treatments for rapid results without the typical downtime.



Chemical peeling consists of the application on the skin of exfoliating agents to obtain first, destruction and then regeneration of part of the epidermis and/or the dermis.

Peels remove layers of dead skincells and stimulate the production of new skin cells.


Chemical peels produce a controlled wound that will result in renewal with a dramatical reduction or disappearance of sundamage, pigmentation, acne lesions, pore size, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles and superficial depressed scars.

All peels are chirally correct to generate more activity in the skin, compared to a normal facial treatment. Depending on the peel that I choose for you, your skin will feel firmer, more hydrated and the texture of your skin will improve.

Depths and results depend on the strength of agents used.


I offer:

- Societe Acai berry Lactic peels 15%, 30% $99

- Aspect Lactobotanical peels 20%,30%,40% and 60% (pH 2.9-3.15) $99

- Aspect Dr Salicylic acid peels (pH 2.0-2.5) $125

- PCA Peel hydroquinone free $125

- Vitamin A (pH 3.02-3.10) $125

- Cosmedix Timeless Peel 30% Retinol $185

- Cosmedix Benefit Peel $185



Double layered peels are also available. Costs will vary according to the peels I use. 



All clients are required to prep their skin first for two weeks with recommended home care products prior to any peels and must fill out release forms and have a thorough skin consultation before any peels are performed. 

After all peels, clients must use prescribed home care as well as sunblock every day.


For best results I recommend a course of 3 to 6 peels, depending on your requirements. Peel packages available.